Sweet Romance Stories!

August 30, 2018 Sophia Conrad No comments exist

Sweet Romance Stories!

Monday September 3rd is a big holiday here in the US. More time means more opportunities to read. Yay!
If you have to work, I hope you’ll have the chance to discover new books.
To get you started, I have some suggestions in this email. Just click on the links below.

Next week, I’ll have a sneak peek of Rescuing The Prince, Henry Somerset’s story. Don’t miss it!

Ebook Suggestions

When Chandler offers Dena ten thousand dollars to accompany him on his weekend business conference, she’s appalled. But ten thousand dollars to a cleaning lady is a lot of money to refuse.

Get it for 99¢!


With a little magic and a lot of snow, Tessa and Sean work together to repair not just a window, but also their hearts.

Only 99¢

Thank you and happy reading!

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